Major Contracts Awarded

Major Contracts Awarded*
Contract Scope of Works Contractor(s) Awarded Amount Date Awarded
802Nam Cheong Property Foundation Removal and ReprovisioningHsin Chong Construction Co. Ltd.HK$333,888,00027 Jan 2010
803AWest Kowloon Terminus Diaphragm Walls (Site A)Bachy Soletanche Group LimitedHK$461,238,91227 Jan 2010
803BWest Kowloon Terminus Piles (Site A - North )Tysan Foundation LimitedHK$497,348,65510 Mar 2010
803CWest Kowloon Terminus Piles (Site A - South)VIBRO-Chun Wo Joint VentureHK$321,205,20327 Jan 2010
803DWest Kowloon Terminus Diaphragm Walls and Piles (WKCD)Bachy Soletanche Group LimitedHK$819,053,06527 Jan 2010
805Sham Mong Road Obstruction RemovalPaul Y. Construction Co. Ltd.HK$159,854,86927 Jan 2010
810AWest Kowloon Terminus Station NorthLeighton - Gammon Joint VentureHK$8,910,360,52918 Oct 2011
810BWest Kowloon Terminus Station SouthLaing O'Rourke-Hsin Chong-Paul Y. Joint VentureHK$3,320,618,54712 Jan 2011
811AWest Kowloon Terminus Approach Tunnel (North)Bachy Soletanche - Laing O'Rourke Joint VentureHK$1,039,773,4103 May 2010
811BWest Kowloon Terminus Approach Tunnel (South)Gammon - Leighton Joint VentureHK$2,883,248,07513 Aug 2010
815ASupply of Metal Doors and Frames including IronmongeryThe Jardine Engineering Corporation Ltd.HK$99,361,3099 May 2012
815FWest Kowloon Terminus – Public Toilet Fit-out worksWan Chung Construction Co. Ltd.HK$ 53,100,3579 Sept 2013
816AWest Kowloon Terminus - Environmental Control SystemShinryo CorporationHK$782,782,6229 Dec 2011
816BWest Kowloon Terminus – Building Services Control SystemJohnson Controls Hong Kong LimitedHK$ 59,608,2099 Dec 2011
816CWest Kowloon Terminus - Electrical InstallationShinryo CorporationHK$549,633,8879 Dec 2011
816DWest Kowloon Terminus - Fire Services, Plumbing & DrainageLeighton - Chubb E&M Joint VentureHK$663,640,4899 Dec 2011
820Mei Lai Road to Hoi Ting Road TunnelsDragages - Bouygues Joint VentureHK$3,668,903,1173 May 2010
821Shek Yam to Mei Lai Road TunnelsDragages - Bouygues Joint VentureHK$1,383,895,72012 July 2010
822Tse Uk Tsuen to Shek Yam TunnelsLeighton Contractors (Asia) LimitedHK$3,235,352,72210 Mar 2010
8226Supply and Installation of Fire Rated EnclosureBuild King Interior & Construction LimitedHK$53,076,72516 Oct 2017
823ATai Kong Po to Tse Uk Tsuen TunnelsMaeda - China State Joint VentureHK$1,502,491,29712 July 2010
823BShek Kong Stabling Sidings & Emergency Rescue SidingsMaeda - China State Joint VentureHK$3,218,246,98420 Oct 2010
824Ngau Tam Mei to Tai Kong Po TunnelsKier-Kaden-OSSA Joint VentureHK$1,514,862,12713 Aug 2010
825Mai Po to Ngau Tam Mei TunnelsPenta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd.HK$1,683,621,41927 Jan 2010
826Huanggang to Mai Po TunnelsCRCC-HC-CR15G Joint VentureHK$1,690,866,68810 Mar 2010
830Trackwork and Overhead Line SystemChun Wo - CRGL - QR Joint VentureHK$1,168,655,7096 July 2011
840Express Rail Link: Rolling StockCSR Qingdao Sifang Co. Ltd.HK$1,744,017,141 7 Mar 2012
841ASignalling System - Trackside EquipmentBeijing HollySys Co. Ltd.HK$307,820,6687 Mar 2012
841BSignalling System - Trainborne EquipmentBeijing HollySys Co. Ltd.HK$182,072,7467 Mar 2012
842AMainland E&M Interface Modification WorksGuangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Passenger Dedicated Line Co. Ltd.HK$ 94,218,5066 Jan 2014
843Tunnel Environmental Control SystemGAS Joint VentureHK$259,852,6473 May 2011
84411kV Power DistributionCLP Power Hong Kong LimitedHK$ 89,150,00012 Feb 2014
846Trackside AuxiliariesShinryo CorporationHK$294,647,85010 Aug 2011
847LiftsKONE Elevator (HK) Ltd.HK$175,116,3916 Sept 2011
848Escalators and Moving WalkwaysThyssenKrupp Elevator (HK) Ltd.HK$90,650,0376 Sept 2011
849Radio Communications SystemGTECH-CIC Joint VentureHK$ 243,897,68319 Oct 2011
850Passenger Mobile Communications SystemComba Telecom LimitedHK$105,332,87612 Dec 2012
851Fixed Communications SystemSiemens Ltd.HK$ 273,142,57219 Oct 2011
852Ticketing SystemNuctech Company LimitedHK$165,658,52816 Apr 2012
853Main Control SystemBeijing HollySys Co. Ltd.HK$65,600,0008 Nov 2011
855Building Services for Tunnel Ventilation Facilities and Emergency Rescue SidingATAL Engineering Ltd.HK$297,396,71312 Jan 2011
856Building Services for Shek Kong Stabling SidingsATAL Engineering Ltd.HK$140,414,0441 Feb 2011
861ALocomotives and Flat WagonsJiangsu KTK Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co. Ltd.HK$78,286,35513 Mar 2012
    * Major contract refers to the awarded contract with the contract sum value more than $50 million.

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