Progress Update


The excavation, track-laying works and installation of overhead lines of the entire 26-km tunnels for the Project have been completed. The overhead lines between the Hong Kong/Shenzhen Boundary and Futian was also energized.

Related Facilities along the Alignment

Pat Heung Ventilation Building Shing Mun Ventilation Building
Mongkok West Ventilation Building Shek Kong Stabling Sidings
Structural works for all seven ventilation buildings (“VBs”) along the alignment of the tunnels (located at Mai Po, Ngau Tam Mei, Pat Heung, Shing Mun, Kwai Chung, Nam Cheong and Mongkok West) as well as all fourteen buildings in Shek Kong Stabling Sidings (“SSS”) and Emergency Rescue Siding (“ERS”) have been completed. All tunnel ventilation fans in the VBs have been started up and air flow measurement for ventilation fans at VBs has also been substantially completed. Meanwhile, Fire Services Department (“FSD”) radio functional inspection at all VBs has been completed and the Hong Kong Police Force radio base station has been integrated with its central equipment.

As at September 2017, installation of building services equipment in the VBs has been substantially completed. Most of the inspection by the FSD has been completed for all the ancillary buildings, including VBs, Emergency Access Point (“EAP”), plant buildings and SSS.

Occupying 11 hectares of land, the West Kowloon Station of the Express Rail Link is located between the MTR Kowloon Station and Austin Station, which is also adjacent to the West Kowloon Cultural District. With the proximity to nearby railway network, it provides visitors with easy access to various districts in Hong Kong.

For details on the design of the Station, please visit "Project Details – Railway Facilities" by Click Here, or watch the video about the Station by Click Here.

Civil Works of the Station (Last updated: December 2017)

Station Entrance Building Relevant fabrication of aluminium cladding panels has been completed, and installation of glazing panels for the External Wall System of the Station Entrance Building has also been substantially completed in July 2017. Weather-tightness for the main roof has been achieved, whilst internal and external aluminium claddings installation is also in progress.

Electrical & Mechanical (E&M) works of the Station
(Last updated: September 2017)

Installation of Electrical & Mechanical (E&M) Facilities Installation of escalators in the Station is underway, with 46 of them already installed and completed with initial testing. Meanwhile, 88 lifts in the Station had gone through initial (stage 1) testing (see the left photo above). In parallel, installation of the power supply system inside the Station is progressing steadily, in which lighting of the arrival hall has been powered on (see the right photo above).
Fire Service Department (FSD) Inspection FSD inspection for Station Approach Tunnel South area and Station North area has commenced in August and September 2017 respectively, while the FSD inspection in the Station South is in progress.
Architectural Builder's Works and Finishes (ABWF) Works ABWF works, including installation of ceiling brackets and panels, floor and wall tiles, ticket and immigration counters, etc. are on-going at all levels of the Station including the port areas of both Hong Kong and Mainland.

Related Facilities near the Station (Last updated: October 2017)

Carriageway System at Austin Road West / Lin Cheung Road (Last updated: December 2017) To facilitate relevant road improvement works near the West Kowloon Station, the 3-tier carriageway system at the junction of Austin Road West/ Lin Cheung Road will be completed and opened for public use in stages. Stage 1 has been implemented since 17 September 2017 to open the first level of Austin Road West and the at-grade loop road adjacent to the MTR Kowloon Station has been partially opened. Stage 2 opening has been implemented since 17 December 2017; whilst the remaining sections of roads will be opened by the first quarter of 2018.
West Kowloon Station Bus Terminus The structural works at the south end of the West Kowloon Station Bus Terminus adjacent to Jordan Road has been completed, and the remaining structural works at the north end of the Bus Terminus and the associated roadwork in the area are in progress.

Construction of the Footbridges Connecting to the Station
(Last updated: October 2017)

Jordan Road Footbridge Installation of permanent aluminium sun shades for the re-provisioned footbridge at Jordan Road connecting MTR Kowloon Station and Austin Station is in progress (left photo above), and is expected to be completed in early 2018. Whilst the lift installation at the east end of the footbridge near Eight Man Buildings and relevant testing are also in progress (see the right photo above).
Respective Footbridges Connecting to MTR Kowloon Station and Austin Station The construction of footbridges connecting the West Kowloon Station to MTR Kowloon Station (see the right photo above) is in progress; whilst the main structural works for the footbridges connecting the West Kowloon Station to MTR Austin Station (see the left photos above) was substantially completed.
Footbridge Connecting West Kowloon Station Bus Terminus and Eight Man Buildings The construction of the footbridge connecting the new West Kowloon Station Bus Terminus north to Jordan Road and Eight Man Buildings is in progress.

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