Safety Policy

Safety is Priority

Mr T C Chew, Projects Director of the MTR Corporation said “General managers, line managers and supervisory staff are responsible for implementing the Division’s Safety Management System through their areas of responsibility”.

Key Initiatives


New Worker Caring Program

  • Mentor briefing new worker

“Don’t Walk by” Campaign

iSafe Campaign

Near Miss Reporting Campaigns

  • Every reportable near miss can reduce accidents and incidents

Heat Stress Prevention Campaign

Quality, Safety and Environmental Awards Ceremony

  • To encourage the contractors to enhance safety and environmental protection level in a continuous

Safety and Environmental Incentive Payment Scheme

  • To recognise the contractors which excel in the aspects of quality, safety and environmental protection
  • $0.5 million awards are sponsored by insurers to support MTR to promote work safety


Quarterly Safety Conferences for all contractors

  • Experience Sharing
  • Safety Conference
  • Benchmarking Workshop

Five Medium for Message Dissemination

  • Chinese, English, Nepali, Tagalog and Hindi

Safety Training

Contractor’s Safety Officers Practical Training Course

Induction course for Contractor’s Safety Training Officers

  • Ensure the site induction course content is adequate
  • Enhance the training skill of the Safety Training Officers

Safety Management

Independent review of work method statements
for high risk activities

Independent Safety Audit

  • Contractors are audited every 6 months by independent
    internationally recongised safety consultant against
    international standards

Site Physical Condition Index

  • Site physical condition is scored in monthly basis to ensure
    the housekeeping level

Simplified sub-contractors Safety Management System

  • Assist the sub-contractor to develop safety management system

Safety Responsibility Statements

  • Staff have personsalised safety responsibility statements
    which clearly identifies the safety responsibility of their post

Workers’ Life Insurance Scheme

  • As a caring organization, MTR Corporation Limited (MTR) is pleased to
    be the first project owner in Hong Kong to sponsor a free life
    insurance scheme to provide financial benefit to the beneficiary
    of construction workers in the unfortunate event of death

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