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Environment Impact Assessment Report

3-Dimension Environment Impact Assessment Results

  • Sustainability

    Since the Express Rail Link runs through a tunnel, its impact on the environment and local communities is envisaged to be minimal. Furthermore, high-speed rail provides environmentally friendly train services compared with other cross-boundary transport modes. In the United Kingdom, on a per passenger-kilometre basis, the carbon emission per passenger on a Eurostar journey is only about 15% and 25% of that by plane and bus/coach respectively. It also consumes less energy and emits fewer pollutants by a similar order of magnitude.

    Moreover, compared with aircraft and road vehicles that emit pollutants directly into the atmosphere in an uncontrolled manner, the emissions from the Express Rail Link will be mainly coming from the power plants, whose impact on the environment is easier to mitigate. If all Express Rail Link passengers (around 99,000 daily) were to use the cross-boundary coach instead, it is estimated that around 13 tonnes of additional carbon dioxide would be emitted daily, i.e. around 4,700 tonnes per annum, compared with the Express Rail Link.

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