Key Information

Express Rail Link (XRL)
Alignment The Hong Kong Section of the Express Rail Link runs from the Station in West Kowloon, heading north to the Shenzhen/Hong Kong Boundary, where it connects with the Mainland Section.
The Station The Station will be located to the north of the West Kowloon Cultural District and will be linked to Austin Station and Kowloon Station by footbridges and subways. There will be no intermediate stations in the Hong Kong Section.
Route Length Approximately 26km in Hong Kong
Railway System Conventional high-speed railway
Speed Maximum operating speed 200km/h (Hong Kong Section)
Estimated Journey Time Between Hong Kong and Futian, Shenzhen: 14 minutes
Between Hong Kong and Shenzhen North: 23 minutes
Between Hong Kong and Guangzhou South: 48 minutes
Latest Estimate of the Railway Project Costs HKD84.42 billion*
Target Date of Programme to Complete September of 2018
Project Programme  
Background Information of Express Rail Link  
*According to the XRL agreement made with the Government on 30 November 2015, the Government will bear and finance the Project cost up to HK$84.42 billion, whilst the Corporation to bear and finance any Project costs exceeding HK$84.42 billion (if any) except in limited circumstances specified in the XRL Agreement.

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