Connections to the Mainland

Starts from the West Kowloon Station, the Hong Kong Section of the Express Rail Link (XRL) will connect Hong Kong with the national high-speed rail network in the Mainland. The 25,000km long national high-speed rail network comprises eight horizontal lines and eight vertical lines, which covers most major Mainland cities. Upon the commissioning of the Hong Kong Section of the XRL, it will be a reliable and efficient alternative to short- and medium-haul flights. Business, travelling or visiting relatives will be a breeze.

The development of high-speed rail is becoming an international trend. As a regional transport hub, Hong Kong’s long-term development potential will be enhanced if connected to the national high-speed rail network, and it also symbolises Hong Kong’s transport infrastructure, like other advanced transport systems in the world, moving ahead with the times.

*Source of information: Transport and Housing Bureau

Other New Railway Projects in Hong Kong